LawMate PV-WB10i Wi-Fi Booster

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LawMate PV-WB10i Wi-Fi Booster DVR. Wi-Fi and IP enabled 1080p HD DVR with active Wi-Fi booster.

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This is the LawMate PV-WB10i covert camera system. On the first appearance, this is a generic Wi-Fi booster module for your home or office.


This is the new LawMate PV-WB10i covert camera system. On the first appearance, this is a generic Wi-Fi booster module for your home or office. The new PV-WB10i module is actually a 1080p high definition covert camera system that actually works as a Wi-Fi booster too. The camera permits you to watch ‘live’ from anywhere in the world & actually operates as a functional Wi-Fi booster for your internet connection. Being a mains powered device, unlike so many other spy cameras, this one will never run out of charge.


Video can be captured either at 1080p, 720p or WVGA quality at 30 frames per second and the recorder will accept up to a 32gb Micro SD card. The device is easily set-up and controlled from the LawMate bespoke smart application (Android or iOS). The application will allow the user to ‘live view’ the video from anywhere in the world (network connection dependant). Further, as all settings are controlled via the smart application, set-up maintenance of this compact recording system couldn’t be easier.


The benefit of Wi-Fi:
With the ability of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can instantly review the footage you have captured on a smartphone or tablet and you can live-stream the video content up to a distance of 5 metres. The Wi-Fi connectivity permits the user to download the captured content wirelessly. The Wi-Fi application also allows full control over the device, including resolution settings (1080p/720p/VGA), the ability to set and synchronise the time and date with your smart device, format the SD card and start/stop recording.


• 1080p HD video quality
• 1080p/720p/VGA option via smart app
• Remotely control, view & download video from the device
• Free Wi-Fi application to support Android/iOS
• Video & Photo capable (2mp photos)
• Photos: 2MP Jpeg format 1600×1200
• Watermarked day/date/time stamping
• Law Enforcement grade video & audio capture
• Mains powered, no batteries required
• Active Wi-Fi booster module
• Supports up to a 32gb Micro SD card
• H.264 .MOV file format
• Sensor sensitivity 0.1 Lux @ F2.0
• Dimensions: 26x110x90mm


Wi-Fi Application features:

• Live view P2P / Live remote view over IP
• Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
• Start/stop recording
• Set the time & date / synchronise with your smartphone/tablet
• 1080p/720p/WVGA switch
• Card formatting function


PV-WB10i camera
16gb SD card
USB connection cable
Mains adaptor lead
Instruction guide