Welcome to our Mystery Shopper Guide

LawMate UK have supplied and supported the mystery shopping industry for over 15 years and have built a trusted reputation that give mystery shoppers the confidence to invest in our equipment. Here’s a few reasons why:

An early return on investment
With an affordable price-point, the initial LawMate set-up cost can be recouped within a matter of weeks, not months. LawMate is the kit of choice for all professional video mystery shoppers.

Quality kit
With the insurgence of imitation alternatives and counterfeits flooding the market, avoid making costly errors using sub-standard equipment that fails to deliver, saving valuable time and a potential loss of earnings.

Latest technology
Since the rudimentary early set ups that were cumbersome and costly – due to limited advancements in technology, today’s systems with their superior image and audio quality are unparalleled.

LawMate have evolved into market leaders in video and design technology. With a tried and tested proven track record, LawMate is the trusted brand for mystery shopping companies and professionals worldwide.

Our Top 3 Essentials

LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro & BU18HD Neo Camera Package

To achieve high quality and stable video, this body-worn camera system utilises the latest pin-hole camera technology, with up to 4 hours recording time – (8 hours with an extended battery). With its simple operation and versatility in application, whether mounted to a shirt, coat or bag, the LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro & BU18HD Neo Camera Package is easily the most effective piece of kit in undercover surveillance.

LawMate AR-100
Covert Audio Recorder

The LawMate AR-100 Covert Audio Recorder delivers exceptional audio capture. With its simplicity of operation – that can be set to trigger from voice activation, or used manually for continuous recordings, it is a convenient and valuable addition to your toolkit.

LawMate PV-AR300
Audio Recorder

With its discreet design disguised as a standard looking key, that you can add to any key-chain and its simple and straightforward one-button record function, the LawMate PV-AR300 Audio Recorder is popular for any-time, any-place recording.

Best Practice

As with all devices, maintenance is key to ensuring smooth operation. As there are multiple components to a camera kit, this same rule applies. Here are our recommended pointers to assist you.

Look after your media
Start each working day with a freshly formatted SD card. The format tool on the device is equivalent to a ‘quick format’ on a PC, once a month, we advise to fully-format your card on a PC.

Start each day with a fully charged battery. Occasionally let your battery deplete fully and provide a longer charge than normal. Battery conditioning is healthy for all battery powered systems.

Be attentive when connecting/disconnecting your camera. There is a locator in the socket (on the DVR) and on the camera connector, ensure these are aligned before connection.

Keep your lens clean and free of dirt and dust.

Professional shoppers will have a spare battery and a spare camera as back-up. Having a spare SD card or two is also a good idea. Good quality SD cards (max 32gb) are widely available.

Know Your Kit 

It is a good idea to get to know your equipment inside-out before you go on location. Understand the operation of your kit fully. Practice with it when it is new to you, around the home, with friends. A few hours invested in this will make a more natural operator.

When you are ready to film, check your camera settings before each job. Check the resolution is set correctly to WVGA, check the framing of the camera, check it is recording correctly. All of this should be done before starting your assignment.

If you are using the app, then use the modified PV CAM WIFI edition as this is designed to work with your modified software update. Your recorder is now producing a PAL signal @ 25fps, the original firmware is based around NTSC frame rates and the image will scramble in the standard app.

Close your app after each use so when you go to use it next, the app is already closed prior to Wi-Fi connection.

Note that whilst you are using your phone with the Wi-Fi device, your phone will not have it’s usual Wi-Fi connection to the internet. Normal phones only have one Wi-Fi transmitter, using Bluetooth is not possible.

Product advice or queries are always best coming direct from us with our knowledge and expertise, however you may find it useful to affiliate yourself with mystery shopper forums online, for hints, tips and discussion, whether you are new to the industry, or with many years experience.

New upgraded V6 Cable design.

Our new design uses aviation grade components and Huntsman 5040 medical grade outer TPU skin and shielding. This significantly increases the tensile strength of the cable, making it highly wear resistant, whilst making the cabling softer, more flexible and more comfortable for body-worn applications.