LawMate PV-500 4400mAh Extended Battery Pack

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LawMate BA-4400mAh Battery. Spare extended battery for LawMate PV-500 series DVR’s.

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This extended battery pack has double the capacity of the standard battery. Compatible with all LawMate PV500 digital video recorders. Attach this battery option to the back of your DVR and double the record time to around 6 hours.

Rated at 3.7v 4400mAh
6 hour record time (8 hours if using the PV500 HDW or Neo series)


Compatible with:
LawMate PV500 Evo
LawMate PV500 Evo 2
LawMate PV500 Evo 2U
LawMate PV500 Lite 2
LawMate PV500 Lite 3
LawMate PV500 HDW
LawMate PV500 HDW Pro
LawMate PV500 Neo series
PV-500 ECO2