HD Digital Cameras

HD Digital Spy Cameras

Looking for a covert camera that gives you a bit more of an edge? Please take a look at the following HD digital spy cameras. We have selected what we feel to be the best on the market with a variety of features which will allow you to carry out the most covert operations without getting caught!

At the moment we have two covert camera models, both of which are button cameras which are some of the smallest covert cameras available today. 


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LawMate CM-HB18HD Handbag Camera
The new LawMate CM-HB18HD is a 1080p digital Handbag camera providing exceptional full HD image qual..
£149.96 Ex VAT
LawMate CM-NT18HD Digital Tie Camera
The new LawMate CM-NT18HD is a 1080p digital Tie camera providing exceptional full HD image quality ..
£149.96 Ex VAT
LawMate BU18 HD
LawMate BU18 HD The new LawMate CM-BU18HD is a 1080p digital camera providing exceptional full HD..
£116.63 Ex VAT
LawMate BU18HD Cone Camera
LawMate BU18HD Cone Camera The new LawMate CM-BU18HD Cone is a 1080p digital camera providing exc..
£116.63 Ex VAT
LawMate BU20U Button Camera
LawMate BU20U  – 1080p Button Camera The latest 1080p high definition plug-in button c..
£149.95 Ex VAT
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