Covert Camera Accessories

Lawmate twin battery charger

We have a great range of accessories here at LawMate, all perfect companions to improve and enhance your experience with our covert cameras.

Covering camera headsets, spare batteries and charging kits, our collection of accessories are here to ensure you always get the best view possible and have plenty of charge to capture it all!

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Camera headset
This is the Lawmate bullet camera headset. Designed to work with any bullet camera up to 20mm in ..
£0.83 Ex VAT
Lawmate PV1000 Touch Battery 4400mah
4400mah battery for PV1000 Touch A spare 4400mAh battery for the LawMate PV1000 Touch and PV..
£45.79 Ex VAT
PV1000 Touch Remote
LawMate PV1000 Touch Remote A wired remote control for the PV-1000 touch. Plug this remote in to ..
£24.99 Ex VAT
 PV1000 Wired Remote
  PV1000 wired remote controller   A wired remote control for the PV-1000. Plug t..
£24.99 Ex VAT
LawMate PV500 4400mAh Extended Battery
This extended battery pack has double the capacity of the standard battery. Compatible with all LawM..
£45.79 Ex VAT
LawMate PV500 Li-On Battery
This is a spare battery for all LawMate PV500 digital video recording systems. Rated at 2200..
£29.13 Ex VAT
NP120 Battery
This is a spare Lawmate NP120 Li-ion battery. Rated at 2000maH. It fits the PV800, PV806, PV1000 ..
£12.46 Ex VAT
Twin PV500 Charger
This charger will quick charge 2 x PV500 batteries at the same time. Compatible with both the BA2..
£45.79 Ex VAT
LawMate PI-RF50TX Remote Controller
LawMate PI-RF50TX Remote Controller This is the new LawMate PI-RF50TX remote controller for the L..
£58.29 Ex VAT
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